Most of us have successfully removed tree stumps from our properties with the help of a Lambertville, NJ stump removal expert, but what happens next?

Once a stump removal expert has completed their job, there are steps you need to follow to make use of your newly created space. There are different reasons why we call professionals to help us with stump removal. What you do next after the stump has removed determines how well you will utilize your new area. For instance, when you get rid of a tree stump from your backyard, it will significantly boost the appearance of your yard. On the other hand, removal of a tree stump creates significant space that can be used productively. Once a tree stump is removed, a big hole filled with wood chips is left behind, and it’s up to you to decide what action to take next. If you have no idea what you need to do next after a stump removal expert leaves the site, the following guidelines will be useful.

Equip Yourself with the Right Tools

The first step after stump removal involves organizing yourself to work on your yard. Remember, after a stump has been removed, the area left behind looks messy, and therefore, you need to come up with a plan on how to restore your yard’s appearance. If you want to start working on your yard, you need to have the right set of equipment to make your work easier. Some of the tools and materials you may need for your restoration include enough tool soil because you need to fill up the big hole left behind. In addition, you may need seedlings, clippers to remove roots and a rake for clearing debris.

Clear the Debris

In order for your lawn to be in pristine condition, you need to ensure that all of the debris that is left in the stump hole is removed. Once a stump removal Lambertville, NJ expert has completed their job, you need to come in and clean up the entire affected area. Remember, if you want to see your grass grow again, you must first remove the wood chips and any other debris in the stump hole because it hinders growth. The process of clearing debris should also include the removal of branches, as well as any exposed roots that may have been left behind. As long as you have the right tools to work with, clearing the debris shouldn’t be a stressful exercise.

Addition of Soil

When a tree stump is removed, a huge hole is left behind that needs to be filled with soil. Depending on how deep the hole is, you may need several bags of soil to ensure that the hole is completely covered and the soil level matches that of the rest of the yard. Make use of your rake to level your soil to the appropriate height in order to facilitate better watering. Remember, when you are adding topsoil, it should be of good quality and match the rest of the soil in the yard.

Acquire the Best Seedlings

If you are restoring your stump hole with the aim of growing new grass, the next step after adding soil to a stump hole is to look for the right kind of seedlings. Since you will apply your seeds using your hands, make sure you apply them evenly to ensure the best results. It is important to select a good choice of seedlings that will restore your yard and transform the entire landscape. Once a stump removal Lambertville, NJ professional has completed their job, you probably need to have already bought your seedlings.  

Monitor Growth

Once the entire area is prepared and you have everything in place, it’s time to plant your new grass. It is always advisable to keep a keen eye on the growth process to ensure that your grass sprouts and nothing hinders it from growing normally. Make sure you don’t overwater your seeds, as that can cause harm. You need to keep up with the monitoring process to ensure that your grass has grown to a sustainable level.

Other than planting new grass to keep your lawn looking attractive, you can also restore the affected area to create space for building. Irrespective of the purpose for which you intend to use your land reclaimed from a tree stump, the above guidelines for preparing your land still apply. A lot of people end up not utilizing their land well after tree stump removal because of lack of knowledge about post-stump removal procedures. In case you are not sure what to do, you can always seek advice from a Lambertville, NJ stump removal expert.