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Building a house for your family is an exciting time. For many couples, it is the realization of many years of dreaming, planning, and saving. Now that the time has come to finally build your house on your chosen location, you need to make sure that there is enough land cleared to make room for your house, yard, septic system, and driveway. There are many things necessary when clearing land to build a house. Here are some thing syou need to consider when working with a North Plainfield, NJ land clearing company.

Zoning and Building Department

Before you can start clearing land you need to check with the local zoning and building department. Doing so will avoid problems like illegal zone clearing due to violation of unknown zoning laws. If the land clearing company from North Plainfield, NJ is not familiar with county zoning regulations, you could end up with a nasty fight with local officials and the community.

To avoid this kind of problem, consult with the town’s zoning and building department. Know the requirements needed to secure permits for land clearing operation if it is needed not only to ensure that you have enough space but also to ensure that you are within bounds of county ordinances and land clearing regulations.

The Right Equipment

Land clearing operational needs vary from project to project, and the right equipment can make the job go faster. If you want to be time efficient, ask your tree clearing company what kind of equipment they will be using. For example, you might need to clear large tracts of land with overgrown trees and bushes. You might also need to cut down trees, grass, and move big rocks and soil. A good tree clearing company in North Plainfield, NJ will not only know what equipment to use for different clearing operations but will also make the equipment available for your property.

Value of Timber

If you’re clearing trees from your land, make sure you know the value of your timber. You could end up clearing a substantial amount but end up being scammed by a dishonest tree trimming service company. There are many landowners who get taken advantage of by disreputable land clearers. They end up paying the company to clear their land and then see the contractor cart away their high priced lumber to sell to the lumber mill.

Don’t be taken in for a fool. If you’re not sure what kind of trees or lumber you have, call a lumber broker before clearing your land using a North Plainfield, NJ tree trimming service. You can mark money trees, list their location and take note how many there are.

Plan of Attack

The tree clearing firm needs to have a plan of attack and scout the best area to get from the road to the building site so that you can get your driveway in the correct spot. Your plans should also include location for your drainage system, yard, or well. Once you’re ready to cut trees, start with small ones so that you will have room to remove the bigger trees. You also need to come up with a plan for what to do with the debris. Generally, they are chipped so that they are smaller in size and easier to dispose and decompose. Your tree clearing company should have a clear plan of what to do with slash materials and waste disposal.

Stump Experts

Your land might have a lot of stumps. In this instance, you need a land clearing firm from North Plainfield, NJ that is an expert on stump removal. If you want to do this quickly, you need heavy equipment like excavators or bulldozers. However, you need to plan ahead because there could be county regulations on the use of heavy machinery in residential areas.

Other Considerations

Once the boundaries of the property, location of driveway, and other necessities have been marked and the land finally cleared of tree stumps, trees, brushes, grass, and rocks, you need to get ready for building your house. In this case, the job of the land clearing service on North Plainfield, NJ is done.

You now need to consult and hire other services for the next phase. Other considerations include:

  • Testing water quality. It’s better to test now while the house is not yet constructed
  • Water hook ups and fees
  • Access for gas, telephone, water and other utilities
  • Get most recent copy of the land survey
  • Flood preparation and precautions
  • Building permits that are required before you can build

There are instances where clearing land is needed before you can build a house. If you want to become a weekend lumberjack or plan to hire a good land clearing company from North Plainfield, NJ, it is important to note that land clearing is a dangerous job. Proper precautions need to be taken when clearing a land for home building.