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Tree trimming looks like an easy job, right? You just chop off some limbs here and there and your tree will look magnificent. While some people have no problem pruning their trees, they might be making mistakes. Chopping off too much foliage, for example, can be fatal to your tree. Wrong cutting techniques can cause the spread of disease. Calling a professional Bernardsville, NJ tree trimming company sounds like a good solution. However, professional companies can also make mistakes. Watch out for some of the most common mistakes a tree trimmer can do to your trees.


Most trees naturally grow taller each year. However, you might have a tree that has grown too tall for the space. To remedy this problem, you should decide to lob off the tree tops to make it look shorter. This is a practice called topping, and it can potentially injure your tree. Topping takes too much off the crown, which can seriously affect the ability of your tree to make food. When this happens, the tree goes into shock and as a result the tree only produces a few shoots.

The sad part about topping is that some tree trimming companies in Bernardsville, NJ actually advertise this service. Aside from fewer shoots, other results of topping includes the growth of weaker branches, rapid new re-growth (which can lead to another round of topping), and the spread of insects and disease when large stubs have difficulty healing and sealing. Do not hire a tree trimming company that advertises this service.

Not Pruning

There is no way a tree trimming company can commit this mistake because that’s what they do but homeowners frequently make this error. Neglecting to trim your tree at all is just as bad as doing it the wrong way. Untrimmed trees can pose a safety hazard should their dead branches fall off. Overgrown branches can also obscure your line of sight, hide signs, or creep close to power and utility lines.

Untrimmed trees are extremely dangerous during storm season. Parts of the tree could get blown away and send dangerous projectile and debris around your neighborhood. Trees can also split apart or fall over, damaging your property. Make your home and community safer by getting your trees pruned regularly by a Bernardsville, NJ tree trimming company.

Snipping The Tips To Make It Look Smaller

One of the reasons why homeowners call tree trimmers is because their tree is getting bigger. They want to snip off the tips in an effort to make the tree look smaller. What untrained pruners and home owners do not know is, snipping the tips of the tree actually stimulates growth. It has the opposite effect of making it look small because every time you cut a small branch, multiple branches will grow in its place. Instead of snipping indiscriminately, hire a tree pruning service from Bernardsville that specializes in strategic canopy reduction. A professional will know how to trim your tree so that it looks beautiful and cared for.

Pruning In Spring

Some people think that tree pruning should be included in their spring cleaning. After all, spring is for regrowth and renewal, right? Wrong! Pruning in spring is a bad idea especially for oak trees. Spring is the season for Oak Wilt Disease. Oaks and most other trees should be trimmed in the late autumn and early winter when they are dormant.

Before calling a tree trimming firm in Bernardsville, NJ, do some research on dormancy of your tree species. Most trees are best pruned during their dormant season when they are not growing. For most trees this period is when temperatures get colder and days get shorter. Pruning during their resting phase will limit the spread of disease and infection.

Poor Cuts

Inexperienced tree trimmers will most likely make poor pruning cuts on your trees. Knowing how and where to make cuts can make a big difference to your trees. Bad trimmers can also cut branches too close to the trunk. When trimmers do this, they are removing the branch collar. This is what closes an open branch wound. Without the branch collar, you are leaving the cut open to pests and infection.

Dull Tools

Before allowing the tree pruners from Bernardsville, NJ to do their job, take a look at their tools first. The tools should look well cared for and most of all, sharp. Blunt tools can do damage to your trees, especially if the pruners need to remove a branch. Ask the pruners if they sanitized their tools. Disease from past cuts can infect your trees and cause them to die.

Do not make the mistake of hiring the guy with a truck and chainsaw to trim your trees. They might be cheap, but their inexperience can harm your trees and cause damage to your property. If you want to do the job correctly, you can either train yourself to become a great tree pruner or hire a reliable Bernardsville, NJ tree trimming company to do the job right.