Tree stump removal is the most tiring, complicated and time-consuming process of all when it comes to wood lot service and maintenance. It is costly too, and the removal procedure will differ from one tree species to another. Certain stump removal methods are easy, whereas some are tough and take up a lot of time, planning and effort.

Dead or diseased tree stumps should be removed immediately because they affect the ecosystem; likewise, it would be hard to handle the land-clearing process later. The need for removal can differ from one forestland owner to another, so the process needs to suit your specific needs. Lebanon Township NJ stump removal companies implement different types of removal methods.

Tree Stump Assessment

Some private forestland owners remove the stump right at the point where they implement tree removal services, whereas others who are looking for a cost-effective option tend to grind the stump and leave it as it is. Such stumps would have different characteristics than a newly removed one, so it should be assessed right away. Stump removal will be difficult for certain types of trees, so an evaluation of the wood lot before deciding on the removal process is mandatory.

Deciduous tree stump removal is harder than, say, pine tree removal. Softer wood and shallow root-based trees are generally easier to remove. Trees that have deeper roots are time-consuming and costly to remove. The age and quality of the tree stump will also determine the stump removal technique that has to be implemented. Smaller tree stumps and older ones are pretty easy to remove compared to healthy stumps. All of  these factors play a major role in determining the removal method.

Grinder Techniquе

The grinding technique is one of the most common types of stump removal methods used by most Lebanon Township NJ stump removal companies. This method is predominantly used for young tree stumps and medium-sized trees with deep roots. A grinder is needed to perform this task, and top stump removal companies typically have many grinders with them to tackle the needs of all of their customers, so you should be able to get one easily.

The stump and roots of the tree will be grinded up to a depth of 1 foot. Make sure that the technician operating this equipment on your property uses safety gear and follows all necessary precautions. The grinding process should be accompanied by manual debris removal. Take regular intervals during the grinding process to remove these debris.

Shovel Technique

Trees that have a shallow stump and root system will only require a shovel to remove them completely. If you are interested in and passionate about your wood lot maintenance, then you can do it on your own, but an expert service should always be the preferred option.

Also, if you have back problems, then you should refrain from doing such tasks. You must first use the shovel to dig around the stump, and once you have found the roots, make sure to dig deep to expose them. Only small and thin roots and stumps can be removed using a shovel.

After digging deep and exposing the stump and root completely, take an axe and chop them off completely. The entire root system should be removed, so cut them into reasonable sizes and never try to cut them on the whole. A grub hoe is another tool that would help you pull roots that are spread across the ground.

Cut and pull the roots consistently to remove them entirely. After removing the roots, the final step will be stump removal, which should be easy, considering that all of the roots have been removed. Make sure that the Lebanon Township NJ stump removal company workers follow these steps to remove the stump and roots properly.

Heavy Equipment Process

Heavy equipment is the only removal process possible for removing deeper and larger stumps. If you are removing a lot of stumps in your forestland, then using the heavy equipment process is the best choice. Excavators and bulldozers are required for large stump removal, so make sure that the company you choose can use these on your property.

Stump removal using these devices will be an easy job to complete, but make sure that the operator has certification and insurance coverage, and follows proper safety precautions. Even huge and deep stumps can be removed in minutes using heavy equipment. Although this method is expensive, it will be a cost-effective option for large private forestland owners with a lot of stumps to remove.

Chemical Technique

This is an age-old technique used mainly by those who are not in a hurry to remove a tree stump. This particular process is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. Stumps of most tree species can be removed using this technique, but in some trees, it might take even a couple of months to succeed.

The chemical rotting process is slow, and it makes the tree more tender to chop it down later. This particular process is DIY, and you can find the chemicals needed for stump removal in many garden shops. Even some stump removal companies use it. This is not the preferred method because it is very important to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

When you use chemicals, you have to make sure that none of your family members, friends, relatives, pets or kids go near the stump, which is cumbersome and risky.