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Tree removal can be a back breaking business. As they say, the bigger the tree, the harder it is to remove or chop down. In some instances, you might even need heavy equipment just to remove it. Improper information and technique can cost you valuable time and good money. To avoid this, it is better to call in a professional Warren, NJ tree removal company. But how do you know who to call or if they are the best at what they do? Here are some tips to help you find and determine if you are calling the right tree removal company.


A good tree removal company from Warren, NJ will have good references. You can see testimonials of their good work by visiting their website or speaking with past customers. Before hiring just anybody, you need to know if they can do a good job so that you can get your money’s worth. Ask past customers if they did a good job, how much it cost, and the time it took them to complete the project. Knowing this information will give you an estimate of the cost and give you a realistic expectation of how the job will go down.

If you are unable to find references online or by calling past clients, ask the company itself for references. Tree removal firms that have good reputation will not hesitate to give you names of their customers so that you can interview them.

You can also check the local Better Business Bureau, Tree Care Industry Association, or International Society of Arboriculture for references.


Always go for an experienced tree removal company. Tree removing firms from Warren NJ are numerous so it can be hard to know which ones are new and which ones have experience. The only way to determine experience is by asking them. Scenario questions like “what would you do if…” can help you determine how much experience the company has with tree removal. It will be obvious when somebody is just taking you for a ride when judging by their answers.

Visit their office and conduct an interview before hiring anybody. Get to know the people who will be doing the job and ask for their credentials or experience. Some people might think that this step is unnecessary but it can help ensure that you are spending money on the people with the best experience to handle the job.


Make sure that the tree removal service you are considering has liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. The certificates of insurance should be sent directly from the insuring company to you. If the company has no insurance and has an accident while doing a job at your property, you could become liable. This could mean that you will have to pay for repairs and damages, as well as any injury that occurred while the company was in your property. Certificates of insurance sent by the company to you could be fraudulent, so always insist on certification from the insurance company.

Don’t Settle On Cheap

If it sounds too cheap, it’s probably too good to be true. Be cautious when hiring cheap Warren, NJ tree removal services. Cheap quotes could mean untrained personnel or the use of wrong equipment. During a tough economy, it is normal to look for bargains but too deals that sound too inexpensive could end up costing you more in the long run.

Instead of settling for the cheapest service, compare quotes and services first. Then see what is being offered. For example, one company might offer to do additional small jobs at the same cost as the other company. When shopping around for tree removal services, compare experience, professionalism, price, and type of service you will potentially receive.

Avoid Door-To-Door Companies

The district attorney’s office and BBB frequently warn against hiring door-to-door companies. There are many good door-to-door companies are generally unscrupulous people traveling from one town to the next in the guise of doing business, when they are actually conning homeowners, particularly seniors, out of their money. These types of “businesses” will either do a botched job or not do it at all once they have received a down payment, and say they will return after they “gather the necessary equipment”. Make it a policy to refuse this kind of service especially in big jobs like tree removal.
Before hiring a tree removal firm from Warren NJ, shop around and do some research. Approach different companies and ask for a quote of their services. Avoid paying for an incomplete job or hiring fly-by-night companies. Following the tips above can help you avoid scams and hire a tree removal company that is suited to do the job. Protecting yourself before hiring a tree removal service will make the experience a more pleasant one.