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There are different ways to remove a tree stump, some easier and faster than the others. Tree stumps are unsightly, which is why many people want to get rid of them. They can also make construction harder, which is why they are removed during land clearing operations. Whatever reason you have for removing a stump, you need to have the proper technique to make the job easier. Check out these Raritan Township, NJ stump removal techniques.

Assess the Tree Stump First

Some tree stumps are more difficult to remove than others. To know what method of removal to use, assess the tree stump first. For example, pine tree stumps are easier to remove compared to deciduous tree stumps. This is because pine tree roots are shallower, and its wood is softer. This makes pine tree stumps easier to remove because their roots aren’t long and deep.

The age and size of the tree stump will also make a difference in the method you apply for removal. Generally speaking, older stumps are easier to remove, the same is true for smaller stumps. Once you know what you’re dealing with, it will be easier to choose a removal method.

Grinder Method

The grinder technique used by stump removal experts in Raritan County, NJ is ideal for medium sized stumps with deep roots and new stumps. For this method, you will need to rent a grinder or hire a professional company to grind it down for you. The machine grinds down the stump and root system to a depth of around 1 foot. Operating the machine is easy enough, but you should always practice safety precautions and use safety gear.

Even though the grinding is done by the machine, you will need to maneuver it around so that you will be able to grind down the whole stump. Stop grinding every few minutes to shovel the debris away so you can see where you’re going. The shavings can be burned or composted if you have a pile.

Shovel Method

This is basically a DIY technique, although professional tree stump removal service from Raritan Township, NJ will still use this method for small stumps with shallow root systems. This is very easy to do, but it can take a lot of back breaking work.

Take out your shovel and dig around the stump to expose the roots. Dig deeper on the sides of the roots to expose most of the area. If the roots are large and deep you might want to consider another removal technique.

Once the roots are exposed, chop them off using an axe. Chop them into manageable pieces until you cut away most of the root system. Using a grub hoe, pull the roots that are embedded on the ground. You might need to make more cuts to pull them out easier. Keep cutting and pulling until you get majority of the roots.

Now that most of the roots are gone, the stump should be easier to dislodge. Place your shovel underneath the stump to lift it off. Then chop down the stump so that you can compost it or burn it more easily.

Heavy Equipment Method

This method works best for big to large stumps with deep root systems. This method is also the best technique if you have to remove a lot of stumps. Check with your local stump removal service in Raritan County, NJ to see if they have heavy equipment like excavators and bulldozers to take care of your stumps.

Using heavy machinery like these makes stump removal seem like child’s play. Basically, professional stump removal companies will use the equipment to pull the stump out of the ground. Excavators, for example, have bucket like extensions that can easily scoop up a tree stump and majority of its root system in one motion. Bulldozers can be fitted with rake-like mechanisms that can easily sweep off and tear out stumps and their roots.

Heavy machinery can be expensive, but they can be very efficient and cost-effective if you have a big piece of land or many stumps to clear.

Chemical Methods

Chemical methods are best applied for people who want to DIY their stump removal. It works on most kinds of trees but take a lot of time, usually around 6-8 weeks. This is a slow process that basically speeds up the rotting process so that it becomes softer and easier to chop.

Chemical stump removers are widely available in home and garden centers. They are also easy to use. All you need to do is to drill holes around your stump and to fill the hole with the chemical granules and water. Remember to keep pets and kids away from the area, and your stump should be ready for removal in about 6 weeks.

You can also pour kerosene instead of chemical remover in the hole. However, burning stumps might be illegal where you live.

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