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We all love having trees as part of a home’s beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that may force you to get a North Plainfield, NJ tree removal company to remove trees on your property. Some of the reasons to cut down a tree include: when a tree is dying, becomes infested, has a disease, or is otherwise a threat to property, neighbors, or passersby.

In addition, a tree may be removed if you want to create space for something else, such as a building. Many people attempt to remove trees on their own, but this is very risky if you lack tree removal expertise. It is always recommended that you get a professional to remove trees because they have the required skills, experience, and equipment to effectively perform the job.

However, if you want to take matters into your own hands, you need to be aware of the risks of tree removal and how to do it properly. Below are some of the most important considerations you need to know about tree removal.

Power Lines

The largest precaution you must take during tree removal is to avoid power lines. If you, your equipment, or the tree come into contact with live power lines, you risk being electrocuted, which can cause severe injury or death. Often, if a tree is too near a power line, it is best to contact a North Plainfield, NJ tree removal expert to do the work. This is because professionals have carried out risky tree removals before and know what to do to stay safe.

Always have at least two people on the site for communication and assistance throughout the process. If the tree to be removed is close a power line, get in touch with the power utility provider and request temporary deactivated until the removal is completed. In some cases, a shield can be put on the power line to safeguard you from harm.


Just as people are advised never to shelter under a tree when it’s raining because of lightning, don’t remove a tree during inclement weather. Thunderstorms, rain, and windy conditions are not suitable for cutting down a tree because they increase risk. Before cutting a tree, you need to make sure the weather is good, so that you can begin the process without any interruptions.

Get Trained

There are different types of tools used during tree removal. Before using any of these tools, you need to learn how to use them safely. Most of these tools have sharp blades and can cut you or hurt someone around you. Therefore, it is not wise to handle them if you’re not sure how they are used. In addition, you need to know the techniques of tree removal, such as how to determine the direction a tree should fall without injuring anybody or causing damage to property. If you’re not sure what to do, it’s best to let a tree removal company in North Plainfield, NJ assist you with the tree removal.

Use Safety Equipment

Before starting any tree removal project, you need to ensure you’re dressed in the correct attire. Some of the key safety equipment includes safety glasses, hard hat, and gloves. If you’re planning to first chop off the branches before felling the main tree, you should have a stable ladder with you. Ensure that all the steps of the ladder you intend to use are strong and stable, and wear stable equipment to protect you from falling.

Beware of Insects

This is an important safety tip that many people tend to forget or simply don’t pay attention to. Trees, especially large ones, are habitats for insects, such as bees. Carefully examine a tree before you begin removing it to ensure it’s free from stinging insects that can cause you harm. However, you may not know how to tell whether a tree is insect-free, in which case, call a professional.

Tree Branches

There are certain tree species that have weak branches, and so maximum caution should be exercised when cutting these trees. In some cases, branches may fall and injure you, especially if you’re working without protective clothing. For this reason, any tree that needs to be cut should be examined by a professional or someone with knowledge of tree removal.

Tree removal is dangerous and needs to be handled by people who know what they are doing. If you have never removed a tree, it is better to find a professional North Plainfield, NJ tree removal company to do the work for you. Remember: you need to safeguard both your life and your property.