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Imagine this scenario: you see a stump in your property and think that you can save money by removing it by yourself. While it is always important to be frugal during uncertain economic times, calling a professional Bedminster, NJ stump removal company can save you time and money. But before calling them, there are things you need to consider.

Size of Tree Stump

The size of the tree stump can determine how easy or hard the job is going to be. For small sized trees, you can probably do it by yourself if you have the right equipment. Generally speaking, tree stump removal requires the use of a few machines, including a tree grinder. You can probably rent some of the gear from a local clearing firm or tree trimming company.

However if the tree stump is more like a sapling, you can probably get away with it by just using a shovel and good old fashioned elbow grease. It is also important to understand that to entirely remove the stump, you need to completely pull it out so that it does not protrude in any way.

Not Easy

You also need to understand that despite the size, removing a stump is not an easy task. This is why farmers used to devote days to the task. Nowadays, it is still time consuming. A good stump removal company based in Bedminster, NJ will not only need ample time but the right equipment to get the job done. Even if you had the right equipment, stump removal is still not easy especially if you have no experience.

Root Systems Vary

Different tree species have different root systems. Coniferous trees like pines and spruces, for example, have shallow roots which make them easier to remove. Deciduous trees on the other hand have deeper root systems making them harder to remove. If you don’t know the type of tree stump you’re trying to remove, you could end up having a harder time.

Wood Hardness Makes a Difference

Generally, the harder the wood, the more difficult it is to grind down. Conifers are softer wood making them easier to grind, while deciduous are harder so they take more time to grind down.

Stump Grinders Don’t Not Always Work

While a stump grinder seems like the most ideal equipment to do the job, there are some instances where it won’t work. During these situations, it is better to call a reputable tree removal service in Bedminster NJ that have access to heavy equipment like excavators and bulldozers. They are more appropriate for removing big, hard and stubborn stumps. Not only will they make stump removal faster, a professional company will be able to asses the size and depth of the root system of the stumps you need removed. Based on their assessment they will be able to recommend an effective and efficient stump removal for every tree in your property.

Chemical Removal

Another DIY stump removal process involves chemicals. This is an almost labor-free method but it requires minimal tool use, some basic tools, and a lot of patience. Chemical stump removal involves drilling holes into the tree stump. Depending on how large the stump is, you might need to dig several 12-inch holes around it 3-4 inches away from the edge. You will then need to drill another set of holes on the side of the stump to intersect with the holes on top.

The chemical used for stump removal is made with potassium nitrate. They are widely available in many gardening and home centers. Fill the holes with the chemical and then fill the holes with water. The stump will become spongy after around 6 weeks. Once it is completely soft, you can chop it down with an axe. You can cover the area with flowers or potted plants.

This method is great if you have a lot of time since it requires lesser physical exertion compared to using a stump grinder or a shovel. However, if you don’t have all that time, the best option is to call a professional stump removal company in Bedminster, NJ.

Burn It Down

Not many people will attempt to burn down a stump because it is dangerous. However, if you don’t want to wait 6 weeks for chemical removal or don’t want to pull it out or call a professional, this could be your only option. Basically, all you need to do is drill holes like the one described above. But instead of a chemical remover, you pour down kerosene into the holes and then light a match. This is very dangerous since the fire could get out of control and burn down your whole property, which is why not many people attempt this method. The stump will smoulder for days, after that you’re left with a hole full of charcoal. This method works best for a stump that has been dead for at least a year.

Tree stump removal seems simple, but it is actually a quite complicated job. It requires a lot of labor, preparation, patience, and expertise. If you’re not prepared to do the job or want it done in a quick and efficient manner, there are companies that specialize in stump removal in Bedminster, NJ.