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Expanding your lawn or taking care of a vacant piece of land with overgrown trees, bushes, and grass can be a big problem. Depending on the size and the type of vegetation growing in your plot of land, getting rid of them could be a big, sweaty job. Having the right tools and equipment can make the whole endeavor easier and whole lot more fun. If you’re a Bridgewater, NJ land clearing firm, you might already have these tools. For DIY enthusiasts, take note of the following equipment that can make your job quicker.


  1. Brush Mower


A bush mower is important if you want to clear large areas of overgrown land. They are basically lawn mowers on steroids, built to go through bushes, weeds, grass, brushes, and even small saplings. This type of equipment can help you clear your land much faster compared to using an ordinary lawn mower or garden scissors. The secret is in the heavy duty blades and motor that can cut through thick undergrowth in minutes. Brush mowers are very powerful and can even eat through a 3-inch sapling without pausing. You might get shocked at how fast a brush mower can eat through grass, weeds, and bushes the first time you use it. But don’t get too over enthusiastic since this type of equipment takes a lot of control when you’re handling it.


  1. Brush Grubber


Get rid of unwanted saplings and small trees with a brush grubber. If a brush mower or chainsaw can’t do the job, a brush grubber can pull out small trees with ease. This tool is basically a set of metal jaws with claws that you attach to a tree. Once the jaws are attached, a chain is connected to your SUV or tractor. Pulling the chain will uproot the tree or sapling. No need to break a sweat using an axe or chainsaw. This is an indispensable land clearing tool because it allows land clearing firms from Bridgewater, NJ, for example, to pull out shallow rooted trees from their roots. This means there is no possibility of them growing back again.


  1. String Trimmer


Also known as a weed whacker or whipper snipper, the string trimmer uses a monofilament line instead of a blade to cut grass and other plants in uneven terrain. This is a good tool to use if the Bridgewater, NJ land you’re maintaining is uneven or has steep or irregular terrain. With a lawn or brush mower, reaching steep inclines or the side of an overhanging cliff that borders your property is impossible. Mowers also don’t work very well in uneven terrain. String trimmers are light, handheld tools and are more flexible compared to brush mowers.


  1. Stump Grinder


The best way to get rid of unwanted stumps in your Bridgewater, NJ land clearing project is by using a stump grinder. It uses a rotating disc by chipping away the wood. Stumps are usually annoying and hard to remove. Stumps are most remnants of the trees cut in the past. Tree stumps dry out and become harder to remove as time goes by. Chemical solutions can take months to work and digging up stumps by hand takes a lot of time, so your best and quickest option is to use a stump grinder.


  1. Bulldozers


Land clearing companies from Bridgewater, NJ often have large tracts of land to clear. In these instances, small tools and equipment like those mentioned above are slow and time consuming. In these situations, it’s time to pull out the heavy equipment by using a bulldozer. This type of heavy machinery is great for big land clearing jobs because there are many different attachments that can be used to make the clearing faster and easier. Heavy duty rakes, for instance, can be attached to make clearing brushes, grass, shrubs, and rocks quickly.  


  1. Excavators


Another favorite heavy equipment of Bridgewater NJ land clearing firms is the excavator. Just like bulldozers, they are called to do some of the heaviest jobs. They can also be fitted with different attachments depending on what kind of clearing you need to do. Excavators can be fitted with grapples that grab and remove small trees, brushes, rocks, and logs. There are also fittings that can scoop out soil and rocks, so they can be loaded to trucks.


Before doing any land clearing in Brunswick, NJ, make sure that you check first with local government so that you are in compliance with permits and local regulations. Many states have rules over how you need to dispose uprooted trees or specific times of day you can use heavy equipment. There might also be regulations on composting materials like brushes, grass, and lumber. Some states regard land clearing as destructive to the environment, so be sure to check rules and regulations before proceeding. This can save you time and money.


Some land clearing in Bridgewater, NJ can be a DIY project especially if it is a small tract of land or if it is regularly maintained. However, there are instances where the land is too big or the bushes and trees too wild to attempt to do it yourself. In this case, it is better to call a reputable Bridgewater, NJ land clearer to do the job for you. They already have the right tools, equipment,and are experienced so there is no need for you to sweat it out or rent heavy machinery.