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Hiring the services of a new company can be a daunting task. There are so many companies competing for customers that it can be hard to find out who’s the best in the industry. The same is true when you’re looking for a Branchburg, NJ tree trimming company. One glance at the phone book or online directory and you will see many different firms selling the same services. But don’t be fooled by their advertisements. Do some research first and ask them the following questions to find out, not only if they’re legitimate, but also to know if they are the best company for the job.

Securing Permits

In some parts of the US, certain  states require residents to secure a tree trimming permit before they can proceed. In some counties in New Jersey for example, you only need to secure a tree removal permit but not for pruning. However, there could be cities and counties that will require you to do so. Before hiring a tree trimming service, ask them if they will be the ones who will secure the permit. It might be more convenient for you if they include the permits for their tree trimming service in Branchburg, NJ.

Updated Certificate of Insurance

Another important question is to ask whether they will be providing an up-to-date certificate of insurance and copy of their work contract. Securing this kind of information should be a top priority because you want to make sure that the company you hire is properly insured, lest you become liable for damage or accidents that occur in your property while they are trimming your trees.


References are one of the ways you can make sure that the company is experienced and legitimate. Ask them if they are willing to provide references, including contact numbers, so that you can conduct your own interviews for verification. This might seem like a needless step, but there are many companies masquerading as real Branchburg, NJ tree trimming companies.


You don’t want unnecessary equipment driving over your lawn and ruining your flower beds or vegetable patches. Not only will this make your lawn unsightly, it can also cause damage to your other plants and your sprinkler system. Before hiring any company to do work on your lawn and trees, ask them about their plan of approach and the type of equipment they will be using. Find out about their policy on damages incurred to your property and see whether it is acceptable to you.

It might be a good idea to photograph your lawn before the job starts so that you can compare it to the “after”. Also make sure that you understand their other obligations including what “clean up” means.

Detailed Estimate

Ask them if they are willing to provide a detailed estimate of their services. This will give you the opportunity to compare different tree trimming companies from Branchburg, NJ and select the company that provides the best value for their service.


Some tree trimming companies have poor practices for tree pruning and maintenance. Bad practices include using spikes when pruning trees or “topping” (removing the live parts of the top of the tree). These poor practices can cause unhealthy wounds, which can leave the trees susceptible to disease. If the trimming company is advertising these types of practices, look for somebody else.

Hardhats and Protective Equipment

Hardhats and other protective equipment can help prevent injuries on site. Always make sure that the tree trimming company from Branchburg, NJ is the kind of company that values the safety of their employees. Ask if they are made to wear hardhats and other protective gear. Aside from this, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires personnel to wear protective equipment. A good and reputable company will require their workers to do so.

Do They Look Professional?

Check what their logo looks like. Is their truck and equipment well cared for? What does their office look like? Do they have a website? If they don’t take care of their equipment, what makes you think that they will take care of you? Checking out things like these might seem superficial, but it is still very important. Appearance of their vehicles and equipment and the design and content of their website gives a company a sense of professionalism. It can also give you an idea on how they do their jobs.

Hiring a tree trimming company based in Branchburg, NJ does not need to be a daunting experience. Exercising caution before hiring anybody will protect you from unscrupulous people and unexperienced tree trimmers. Pruning trees can be a dangerous job and leaving it to the professionals can be the best choice you make.