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When it comes to stump removal, cutting big old trees is not enough. In addition, it can also be challenging to uproot the whole tree from the ground. If this is the case, have no worries because a Hillborough, New Jersey stump removal grinder comes to the rescue!

As important as trees may be to a property’s value, there are many reasons why woodland owners choose to have trees removed. When it comes to the removal of a stump from your property, you will need to consult a Hillborough, New Jersey stump removal company to advise you accordingly. A professional will guide you through the process to keep your property free from tree stumps.

How Does Stump Removal Work?

Many stump removal companies in Hillborough, New Jersey use stump grinding techniques, which involve using a grinding machine to grind wood down until it’s even with the ground. Afterward, you can plant grass over the top of where the stump used to be to get a smooth flat lawn. Before hiring a stump removal expert in Hillborough, New Jersey, make the effort to research and check the credentials, previous work, and reviews of a stump removal company.

Why Consider Stump Removal?

There many reasons why you can consider stump removal for your property. One of the biggest reasons people choose to have stumps removed from their property is for the health and safety benefits. People walking, running, or working on your property may fail to see the stump and trip over it.

A rotting tree stump also attracts pests and insects. Chances of these pests spreading to other trees, wildlife, pets, and even your home are high if an infected stump is not removed

Tree stumps can also have a negative impact on your daily activities and routines. If you love mowing your garden, stumps can get in your way. Bumping into the stumps with machinery like cars, and lawn mowers can also create problems.

Stumps can also destroy the appearance of your yard.  A neat and attractive yard is what every homeowner wants to see. Tree stumps standing everywhere in the property doesn’t look good at all and can make your property look disorganized and unattractive. This could affect the value of your property in the long run.

Three ways you can remove tree stumps on your property

#1 – Digging

If you decide to remove your tree stumps the manual way, you have to do it by digging. This method is tiresome, time-consuming, and should only be applied to small tree stumps. The removal is done by digging around the tree stump to expose its roots. The roots are then cut off to make it easy for the stump to be levered out. An amazing tool to use for this exercise is a mattock. A mattock has two different ends; the sharp end used to cut through the roots and a blunt end used to dig through the earth as you dig.

Many homeowners who decide to handle the stump removal process on their own often find themselves abandoning the venture not long after starting. Therefore, before you plan to dig up a tree stump yourself, you should be physically prepared for the hard work. If you are not able or capable of finishing the project on your own then you should consult a Hillborough, New Jersey stump removal firm.

#2 – Grinding

Grinding is one of the most commonly used methods to remove tree stumps. This method is not only quicker than digging, but it is also less labor intensive. Grinding is best suited for big tree stumps because the process does not require you to lever the stump out of the ground.  The stump grinder usually grinds back and forth along the surface of the stump until it is level with the ground. It is also possible to grind visible roots from the stump and mound gathered around it.

Another amazing thing about stump removal grinding is the ability to remove stumps of all kinds on your property. Stump grinders also come in various sizes and shapes to fit in different situations. If you have invested in your own grinder, you can rent it out to neighbors or friends who want to remove stumps on their property.

#3 – Chemically

If you are not in a hurry to remove your tree stumps, you can choose to remove them chemically. This method is not labor intensive and is less expensive than grinding, thus making it a good option for those seeking to remove many stumps in one go. During this process, equally spaced holes are drilled into the tree stumps which are later filled with a stump remover formula.

With time, the chemicals speed the rate of decay and soften the wood. The softening will allow you to easily cut the sponge-like stump away and remove it completely. It’s important to know that older tree stumps take less time to rot than younger tree stumps. Since this technique doesn’t require much of an investment, it is advisable to use it on tree trumps that are not very large.

As you can see tree stump removal is not a complicated task to undertake. With the help of a stump removal professional in Hillborough, New Jersey, you will have your compound looking beautiful and stump free in no time!