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Cutting down a tree is a major, time-consuming process that requires expertise. However, many people don’t know that stump removal is more difficult—especially if you’re not using a Warren, NJ stump removal expert. Stump removal is usually a lot more involved, and for this reason, it is not usually included the price of tree removal. This explains why many people leave tree stumps on their properties. But you don’t have to let old tree stumps fill your yard.

There are a variety of techniques you can use to remove tree stumps. Using the right set of techniques, you can remove a tree stump without even having to call a professional.

Why Tree Stump Removal is Necessary

As mentioned, after a tree has been removed, it is good to remove the stump as well. Many people like to get rid of stumps for the following reasons.

Stumps are Eyesores

Old stumps diminish the beauty of your yard. After time, weeds and other plants may grow on stumps since they are perfect habitats for unwanted vegetation. So, if you want to keep your yard looking neat, you should try stump removal techniques that will rid your yard of ugly tree stumps.  

They Take Up Your Space

Tree stumps, especially large ones, take up a lot of space in your yard. If you treasure having a yard with lots of space, you should think about getting rid of it and reclaim your space. In cases where a tree has been cut to pave way for building, the stump has to be removed as part of site preparation.

Tree Stumps are Hazardous

When stumps become camouflaged by weeds and grass, they can cause accidents, especially if someone trips over them. It is best to remove stumps if they are in a spot where many people frequently pass.

What to Know About Tree Stump Removal

Before the process of stump removal begins, the stump should be assessed, as different techniques must be applied for different stumps. For instance, it is easier to get rid of pine stumps than deciduous tree stumps. Trees with wide, flat, and shallow roots are often easier to remove than trees with long and deep roots.

So, what are other factors that make some tree stumps easier to remove than others? According to stump removal experts in Warren, NJ, the most important factor is the size and age of a tree. Older and smaller tree stumps are usually easier to get rid of.

In addition, the method for stump removal should be chosen based on the number of tree stumps that you want to get rid of. For instance, it is impractical to remove 50 stumps using your bare hands. Below we’ve discussed some of the most common methods used for stump removal.

Methods and Techniques of Tree Stump Removal

Grind the Stump

This is a good method if you want to quickly get rid of many stumps. You can grind the tree stump yourself or rent a grinder, which will cost about $150-200 per day to rent. Stump grinding machines are dangerous. If you do not know how to use a grinder, ask the renting company to train you.

Should your opt to grind the stump yourself, there are tools you need to complete the job. Aside from a grinder, you need a mattock, chainsaw, shovel, and a rake. A shovel or mattock should be used to clear any debris or stones around the stump before using the chainsaw to cut away chunks of the stump to reduce the stump as much as possible.

Removing a Stump with Your Hands

Some people who attempt stump removal by hand end up making mistakes. You can only remove tree stumps by hand if they are small, old, and probably diseased or decomposing. Some of the tools you need include: shovel, digging bar, lambing saw, chainsaw, mattock, ax, chain, and four-wheel drive truck.

Chemical Stump Removal

If you want to use a technique that doesn’t require a lot of manual labor, you can use chemicals to remove a tree stump. Tools needed include: potassium nitrate,  drill, chainsaw, ax, and kerosene or fuel oil. Drill several holes around the tree stump and pour in potassium nitrate to trigger a chemical reaction.  

Burning a Tree Stump

Some people opt to burn the tree stump by drilling numerous holes, pouring in potassium nitrate, waiting for it to dissolve, and then placing scrap wood on top of the stump and igniting it.

Rotting a Tree Stump

Here, holes are drilled into the stump then filled with a high-nitrogen substance. Water is then poured into each hole, and as the stump gradually becomes soft, pieces begin to chip off. The holes are filled with dirt to facilitate decomposition.

As you can see, there are numerous methods you can use for stump removal, although it depends on what type of tree stump you are dealing with.