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Any tree-trimming project involves several steps. They include climbing the tree and pruning it with portable tools like trimmers and chainsaws. If the project involves a very tall tree, the job may require the use of an aerial lift. All of this requires special techniques that are best performed by a Watchung NJ tree-trimming company with experienced employees. If you don’t know how to safely perform the work, you risk getting seriously hurt.

If you plan to do a tree-trimming project without the guidance of an expert, there are important measures to keep in mind to ensure the safety of yourself, other people, and the surrounding property. Statistics show that most tree-trimming accidents involve falling and getting electrocuted by live power lines. It is imperative that safety measures are in place before beginning the work. And you need to take extra caution during the work. Here are six key safety tips shared by a tree-trimming company in Watchung, New Jersey.

Use Appropriate PPE

Before you start working, make sure you have the right protective clothing. Your hands have to be fully protected with high-quality leather gloves. If you need to work near any power lines, put on a long-sleeved close-fitting outfit with a non-conductive hard hat. Tree trimming involves a lot of dust, flying wood particles, sharp pine needles, and insects. Comfortable eye protection is a priority to keep your vision clear and avoid getting foreign particles into your eyes. You always need to be able to see what you are doing.

If you are using noisy machines such as a trimmer or chainsaw, you need to wear ear protection as well. To avoid slips and falls, wear shoes with slip-resistant soles for a solid grip. This is even more important if you intend to climb a tree to prune it. Also consider fall protection; there are different types of harnesses available to keep you save. Always have a complete outfit of protective gear on hand before starting any job.

Do a Pre-work Survey

Every tree-trimming job is unique and requires an individual strategy to ensure safety and get the desired results. Experienced Watchung NJ tree-trimming professionals advise doing a survey of the work site prior to starting any project to determine what the job involves. In addition to knowing what kind of protective gear is needed, make sure you have the right ladder, climbing rope, an aerial lift, and a fall protection harness, if needed. If you are using a ladder, make sure to rest it against a strong and healthy tree limb.  

Before starting your work, inspect all the needed tools, in addition to ropes, latches, and harnesses. Exercise extreme caution when cutting branches to avoid damaging the equipment you use. If you use borrowed tools, it may be very expensive to replace them. Always inspect the tree and check for hazards such as electrical lines and broken limbs. Tools that require sharpening should be prepared well in advance of the actual tree-trimming project.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

It is extremely important to be aware of the prevailing weather conditions before beginning a tree-trimming job. Watchung NJ tree-trimming professionals advise to never work on a tree during wet, windy, or icy conditions. If the weather isn’t favorable, postpone the work, especially if it involves aerial lifts or climbing trees.

Protect Your Team and Passersby

Before you begin your work, clearly mark your work area. This will protect you and anyone around the work site. This is especially important if you are trimming a tree that is close to the road. Put hazard signs on the road to alert drivers. If your project requires the help of others, make sure everyone works as a team and is aware of how to keep each other save. If you have any doubts about being able to provide adequate safety measures, turn to a tree-trimming company in Watchung, New Jersey for advice and help.

Never Use Conductive Tools Close to Power Lines

Power lines are extremely dangerous. If you or a tool that conducts electricity come into contact with a power line, the results can be deadly. Avoid using any tool and equipment that can become a hazard if used near power lines. Such items include metallic hammers, screwdrivers, and pole trimmers. Be aware of down power lines, as they may still conduct electricity and pose grave danger. Handle any power line, whether intact, hanging off a pole, or lying on the ground, with the utmost caution until you are absolutely sure that they pose no risk. Always keep the recommended safety distance from a power line. If you have to work near power lines, ask the utility company for assistance before you begin your work.

Inspect Trees for Weaknesses or Cracks

People who opt to work without the help of a Watchung NJ tree trimming company often forget to examine the trees ahead of time. Before starting the job, carefully check for cracks and loose branches. If you overlook a tree’s weak spots, you can jeopardize your safety. You may fall off a branch or ladder when you don’t realize that it would be safer to use an aerial lift. You may also damage your equipment.

With these safety tips in mind, your tree-trimming project is more likely to be successful. If you have any doubts, contact an expert tree-trimming professional in Watchung, New Jersey.