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Here’s what some satisfied customers have to say

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M&A Tree Services arrived at my property with a hydraulic, articulated boom truck that has a grasping and cutting head that could reach trees from a great distance, a tree chipper, and several other trucks filled with all manner of equipment. He and his team did a fantastic job removing several very large trees, without damaging my home, other structures on the property or the grounds. All work was done in a professional manner, methodically and carefully, with the best cleanup of any contractor that I have seen, to date. M&A's pricing is very fair. I am happy I went with M&A, and would be glad to have them perform any related work that I need to have done in the future. Thanks again to M&A and to the M&A crew as well, for a job well done.

Joseph S. Levin
Joseph S. Levin

11 May, 2021

Availed their service to remove a row of hemlocks, dead trees and trimming. I got 2 estimates at the same price but decided to go with M&A based on review comments, and am happy with the decision. The work was very neat and completed to my satisfaction.

Pattabi M
Pattabi M

11 Mar, 2021

Mike's guys came at 7:30 in the morning and started prepping to work immediately. They came with a crew of 6 guys lead by Raul. Raul confirmed the work to be done with me and the team proceeded to their tasks at hand. Each team member had their job to do and they all worked in tandem. I left them at 12 pm when I came home at end of day, the work was complete and my yard was left in better shape than when they started in the morning. We were extremely happy with the quality of their work, their professionalism and their attention to detail. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!!

Maria Dunellen
Maria Dunellen

10 May, 2019

Thanks so much!! You were a pleasure to work with, especially, long distance.

Alicia <span>Blacksburg, VA</span>
Alicia Blacksburg, VA

6 May, 2019

First of all, M&A; exceeded my expectations by arriving 15 minutes early and ready to remove the 100 ft. Sycamore towering in my back yard. I was very impressed by the crew’s professionalism and efficiency. Watching them work, M&A Tree Service did a great job for my family, From the point of climbing the tree to the point of grinding the stump, not a second was wasted in moving like clockwork in getting the job done. Every member of the crew was completely focused on his task at hand.

19 Apr, 2019

Excellent tree company I would highly recommended M&A tree service. Professional crew , owner was on site from start to finish .. Used many tree companies in the past however


19 Apr, 2019

M & A Tree Services 150 W. End Ave.,Somerville, NJ 08876

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