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Give Trees Extra Support

Sometimes pests, disease, weather, or other factors weaken a tree’s structural integrity. Using cables or braces to reinforce the tree’s natural strength can be an alternative to tree removal or trimming the branches. These supplemental support systems are usually steeled cables that can prevent a tree branch from breaking and causing physical injury or property damage.

With our cabling and bracing services, we can:

  • Reduce the risk of failure or structural weakness
  • Extend the life of a damaged tree
  • Prevent potential hazards

We try to maintain the benefits of trees while balancing the need for safety and support. Our commitment to a professional service and clean up means the structural and aesthetic quality of the tree will be preserved and the mess will be completely cleaned up too. Call us at (908) 264-2467 to schedule a consultation to discuss if your trees could benefit from the extra support of cabling or bracing.