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Preserve the Health of Your Landscape

At M&A Tree Service, we provide tree removal and trimming services. With over 25 years of experience in Somerset, Middlesex, Union, and Hunterdon Counties in the NJ area, our team has the experience and knowledge to evaluate what type of trimming and how much trimming your trees and plants need to continue to thrive. We are concerned for the safety of the people and property and for the health of the trees and shrubs. Unlike other companies, we do not use spikes when trimming to protect the health and vitality of the tree.

Tree and shrub trimming has two purposes:


Trimming maintains the health of trees and plants. We remove dead or diseased branches to allow the tree to better allocate its resources. Pruning and trimming can maintain the aesthetic beauty of a landscape.

Reducing hazards

Tree trimming reduces hazards such as branches interfering with other trees or structures. When we the trim, we make sure the structural integrity of the tree is supported.