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To many people, trees add aesthetic value to a property, but they could also have their drawbacks, such as the regular maintenance they require. Regular branch trimming is important to ensure your trees don’t turn become a hazard to your home and family.

Tree maintenance may seem like a simple task: simply hire one of the many experts from a Flemington, NJ tree trimming company. However, many homeowners do not know when, or how often, this maintenance should be done. As trees go through the seasons, it can be difficult to determine if your trees are in need of pruning or trimming, or if they are just experiencing regular, healthy growth. This is especially true during the winter months, when many trees have shed their leaves.

Most homeowners have their trees trimmed in either the summer or winter months. Trimming does not usually occur in spring, because that is when the leaves are growing, or in autumn, because that is when the spores of crumbling fungi are spreading the most, which increases the time it takes for trees to heal after trimming.

Summer Trimming

If your aim is to slow the growth of your trees, a Flemington, NJ tree trimming company would likely recommend trimming during the summer months. Summer is typically viewed as the perfect time for trimming, since it is after the seasonal growth period for trees. Trimming during summer reduces the number of the leaves on the tree, which slows the tree’s overall energy production, thereby slowing the growth of the tree. Another reason to trim in the summer is to reform the tree’s structure by trimming defective branches and those that hang far down due to weight.

Winter Trimming

Although summer is a popular time to trim trees, if you ask a Flemington, NJ tree trimming expert when they recommend trimming, they will usually say winter. This is because, during winter, ice and snow can pile on the branches of your trees, causing them to break, or in more extreme cases, causing the entire tree to fall over. If there are weak or breaking branches extending over power lines, or near vehicles and windows, it could be a dangerous situation. Additionally, dead trees, and those that have started to decay, can be hazardous not just to your property, but to the people in and around it, as they are more likely to fall over.

Winter is also a great time for tree trimming because experts from your Flemington, NJ tree trimming company will be able to access the trees easily. This is because most trees lose their leaves during winter, which allows your tree trimmer to visually identify which branches need to be trimmed. This also allows workers to more easily reach the areas of the trees that need trimming.

Inspect Your Trees

Before hiring a contractor from a Flemington, NJ tree trimming company to trim your trees this winter, you should inspect your trees. To do this, walk around your trees and inspect them from different angles, and from near and far. Look for structural deformities, such as peeling and cracking, which are usually caused by winds and cold climates. If you see peeling and cracking, these branches may be more likely to break. If possible, take a look at the crown of the tree, or ask for help from a reliable tree trimming expert in your area. Remember: inspection is the first step to prevent winter weather damage to your property.

During the inspection of your trees, there are a number of things to look out for aside from the peeling and cracking of branches. The following list contains many of the signs that may mean it is time for a trim: (1) dead or decaying twigs and branches, (2) crossed branches, especially those that grow towards the interior of your porch or entrance, (3) new sprouts at the base of the trunk, (4) branches that extend over roads, (5) multiple branch leaders, (6) branches with narrow crotches.

Healthy Trees

Cracks and other problems with the branches of your trees make them prone to damage during the winter season. If you leave these problems unattended, your trees could become permanently damaged, and possibly die. By hiring a professional tree removal company in Flemington, NJ to inspect your trees and trim any damaged branches in advance, you are helping your trees grow healthily. Moreover, well-trimmed and maintained trees enhance the curb appeal of your property, which helps make the effort feel worth it.

Talk to a reliable Flemington, NJ tree trimming company about the services they offer. You can probably even find companies that offer exclusive packages for regular tree maintenance, which will help you save time and money!