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There may come a time when you have to remove a sick or hazardous tree from your property, and if that time comes, make sure to hire a professional. Tree removal was named one of the five most dangerous jobs in the country, and can be risky even with experience and training due to the unpredictable ways branches fall during the removal process. There is not much room for error, and a slight mishap can end in disaster, so it is important to hire a professional if you are interesting in having a tree removed. Additionally, many techniques and machinery are involved in the removal procedures, all of which require training to be able to use safely.

This article is going to discuss the risks involved in the tree removal process, which will prove how valuable Bernardsville, NJ tree removal companies really are!

Power Lines

Properties that are located close to power lines or communication lines should be removed with extra care. If removal is not handled properly, your connection can be cut, which can cause damage to your property. Tree removal contractors always assume power lines are live, even if they are shut down for the work, as a precautionary measure. If the tree, its branches, or the workers’ tools, come in contact with the power line, the worker could knock the line down, or be electrocuted. Property owners may believe the black coating on the power line acts as insulation, but that may not be the case.

Equipment Mishandling

There are different kinds of tree removal tools, and the person handling such tools should be properly trained on not only how to use them, but on how to solve any problems that might arise during the tree removal process. Tools, such as chainsaws, cranes, wood chippers, ropes. Have to be handled carefully, or else a worker could be severely injured.

Professionals working at your property should wear safety gear when removing a tree. OSHA has mandated the use of certain gear for workers to use during the removal process. There is a lot of equipment involved in the removal and disposal process, so attention to detail is mandatory. Bernardsville, NJ tree removal companies hire some of the top tree removal talent, so you should have no problem finding a professional who can use all of the necessary tools properly.

Infected Wood

A dead or infected tree should be removed immediately and carefully. Infected trees start to decay from the inside, but each tree species has different decaying properties. An arborist may be called in to check the infection to make an assessment of how stable the tree is. Removing an unstable tree can cause problems during the removal process, if limbs break in unexpected ways. This is a hazard to the workers handling the removal, and also to the property and surroundings.

Cranes are often used to remove deadwood trees, and if you have an ageing or infected tree on your property, you should call a certified tree removal company in Bernardsville as soon as possible. Dead trees may fall without any warning, so it is important to act quickly.  

Risk of Falling

Trees removal varies depending on the type, age, growth, and size of the tree, so it is difficult to predict how the tree removal process will go before it begins. In addition, if your tree is tall, it may be difficult to guess where the cut branches will fall. Sometimes trees may not fall as expected, which is why contractors cut indentations into the tree and use ropes to manoeuvre the branches to the ground. Lack of planning and judgement can lead to accidents, such as trees falling onto property, power lines, or neighbouring houses.

We have discussed the risks that Bernardsville, NJ tree removal contractors have to manage in order to successfully complete a tree removal project. Homeowners should never try doing this job by themselves. The risks involved in this job are high, so it is better to leave it to the experts. Tree removal companies hire skilled professionals who know how to properly and safely go about removing the tree on your property.

Check out the local listings and website reviews to find the best tree removal contractor in Bernardsville county for your property.