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Stump removal is a key part of the tree removal process, but many property owners forgo it due to cost. The stump, however, could be a hazard, or spoil the aesthetics of your property. If you are planning to have a tree removed from your property, you may not consider stump removal a necessity, by the end of this article, you may agree that it is essential. We will now discuss the importance of stump removal in the tree removal process.


Leaving a stump on your property could be risky, especially if you have kids or pets at home. Someone could trip and fall over the stump or roots if they are not careful, which makes the stump a liability. Also, if you own an automatic lawn mower, you could damage your mower on the stump or roots. Even if you are mowing your lawn on your own, you will have to be extra careful, maneuvering around the stump, to be sure not to damage your mower.

Additionally, trees take a long time to rot. In the meantime, microbes will grow on them, which can pose a health risk. Tree stumps, while decaying, can also attract insects to them; wood boring pests, ants, termites and other insects can infest the stump. If the stump is close to your house, these insects could spread there, and cause property damage.

Aesthetics and Space Constraints

If you are a landscaping enthusiast, you will probably not like how a stump looks on your property. Tree stumps are not very pleasing to look at, and they do not serve a utilitarian benefit. Stump removal may be costly, but the money could be worth it if you are particular about the look of your outdoor space.

Tree stumps also take up backyard space. Properties with very little yard space may find navigating and decorating around the stump cumbersome. Stumps and roots may cover a lot of yard space, and with the tree removed, this space will not be used to enhance the look of your yard.

New Sprouts

Leaving a stump after tree removal could lead to new tree growth. Sprouts may arise from the stump, or new sprouts could grow around the stump, which will need to be removed. It may be easy to remove these sprouts, but if they keep coming back, they could become a source of frustration. If you use chemicals to kill the sprouts, it may prevent new ones from growing, but it will also create a health hazard to your property and family.  Moreover, sprouts also eat nutrients in the soil, which can prevent your other trees and plants from getting the nutrients they need for growth.

Tree removal companies in Hunterdon NJ have skilled professionals and equipment to handle all types of stump removal processes. Certain stumps can be removed only by using heavy equipment, so and it is definitely not a do-it-yourself project. If you are planning to use the tree removal services of one of these companies, we highly recommend you go all the way and remove the stump as well.